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How do you talk to the Vice Chancellor of the university at which you study? I had the chance of calling up Dr. Yaj Medury today and this is how it went- Me: Good Evening Sir, this is dizzy speaking. YM: Hi dizzy, how are you……. Dr. Medury’s “Hi” just left me flabbergasted. He connects to students at their own level- as a friend. I still remember the day that I visited JUIT Waknaghat for the Le-Fiestus fest 2004, he gave the students permission for singing out the song “Who is Alice” which contains offensive lyrics, but he wanted the everybody to enjoy. He has brought up JUIT as his own little baby. I hope that he visits Noida more often so that we can have the same friendly atmosphere and interaction as at Solan. Noida is currently quite a scene of power tussle, red tapism and arrogant attitudes. Maybe this is the reason I long for JUIT so much. The memories of my first year spent there never fade.

~ by sleepwalker on October 27, 2004.

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  1. juz wanted 2 say dat u r pretty interestin n well………………..impressive too…..hope v get 2 c each oda some time….n lemme add….sometime, SOON………

  2. Hi, I really can’t guess who you actually are. All that I can gather is, that you are from JIIT- Noida.

  3. i know this thing can happen only in Juit and with a nice person like Medury sir.
    even our director in Jiit is also a very good person but there is something in JIIT management.
    I suspect whether our director is all powerful or his powers has been divulged.
    c u in the college.

  4. hi man , tis nice to read ur stuff , best f luck for majors bye

  5. nice website

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