Instant lifesavers

College students preparing for exams stay awake till deep into the night. The only problem that troubles them all- pangs of hunger. Now what can we do if we are a hot blooded species and need frequent meals. One thing that I have noticed is, the harder you make ur brain work, the hungrier you get. food is nowhere to be found at 2 AM in the morning, the markets close down and the vendors disappear. In this scenario, instant noodles emerge as lifesavers. College students are really powered by adrenaline and….. noodles. I remember the days when at JUIT, I felt hungry, and the shop next to the mandir near the helipad used to remain open till late into the night- fondly nicknamed as ‘barista’.


~ by sleepwalker on November 16, 2004.

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  1. hope we were allowed to go there too!!!!

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