“Major” satisfaction.

Finally, after 10 gruelling days, the major exams of JIIT deemed-to-be university have come to an end. The deemed-to-be Registrar of JIIT is expected to officially announce the results within 10 days, well thats really surprising considering that we get our checked minor exams answer sheets about 6 weeks after the exams, how can it be expected that the deemed-to-be lecturers can check answer-scripts in ten days. wonders never cease to happen! Now its holiday time for me till Jan 4. I am eagerly waiting for my winter industrial training to start. Looking forward to the future and expecting the best.


~ by sleepwalker on December 7, 2004.

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  1. dizzy…u always take out time fr ur things….where’s my mail????

  2. Hi dizzy! I got to your page from Sushubh’s blog. You have a great website setup here! Nice job! Best of luck to you always! 🙂

  3. hey dizzy !!
    if im nt wrong ur d same dizzy.. from JIIT .. n tis ur site.. fabulous man!! came across tis while searchin sm stuff.. fabulous work man !! way to go !!!

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