Bulla ki jana

Winter has come on full force to Delhi, its properly cold now. Although not as cold at Solan, I must say, I really miss the way my lungs used to get chilled on inhaling the cool air. Kufri used to be all white after deep snowing, with all the tourists having snow fights. Even the mountains around Shoghi used to be covered with thin snow. So very very beautiful. But its all a memory of the past- after leaving JUIT, Solan and coming to JIIT, Noida- I have really forgotten how much I used to enjoy everything back then. Moving onto other things, one of the nicest songs that I have heard during these vacations is “Bulla ki jana” by Rabbi Shergill. Its simple and nice, the video is good, no stupid dancing girls- but a man travelling around India. Since its pure ‘theth’ punjabi, the singer was sensible enough to provide and English translation of the song along with the video.


~ by sleepwalker on December 12, 2004.

4 Responses to “Bulla ki jana”

  1. Amazing song. I have given up eminem and hard rock for this song

  2. wait till you hear the other songs, they r as good as bulla ke if not better

  3. Its good

  4. i mean hez really good… hez gotta damn good voice… one of the best i have ever heard…..

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