Buttered Delights!

On this seventeenth day of December 2004- I, dizzy, hereby proclaim that I have successfully made buttered popcorn in one of my forays into the kitchen. This time I used to pressure cooker to accomplish this feat. Last time I had used a ‘pateela’ which had burnt black due to the oil being overheated and as a result I had been at the receiving end of my mother’s temper. Today, I achieved one hundred percent popping of the corn without damaging the pressure cooker in any way whatsoever, no blackening. Its really difficult for young boys like me to stay at home and not feel hungry every half-hour, there is nothing to eat at home not even noodles or biscuits & namkeens. This day shall go down in my cooking history at a day on which a great achievement has been made. Living alone outside the hostel has taught me a lot of cooking, however popcorn is something new for me and what better way to learn than during my mother’s absence, when I am at home for vacations, now I don’t even need to clean the burnt vessel myself!
Update: Made some for mummy in the evening, even added haldi to give that buttered look. She said that they were fabulous!

~ by sleepwalker on December 17, 2004.

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  1. Congratulations! You have achieved quite something…and that too without damage! Good going! 😉

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