Of the New year and resolutions!

My current resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels, coz thats what this site looks best in! Lets see what this new year brings for me, the eve was spent being bored sleeping in bed coz I had resolved on the last new year eve that I wont watch any stupid programs on TV. I am not the party type- most of my friends are not at Delhi, so the most happening night was spent in solitude. Since I am pretty pathetic at keeping my resolutions so hence this new year I have resolved not to make any resolutions…. oops!


~ by sleepwalker on January 1, 2005.

6 Responses to “Of the New year and resolutions!”

  1. hey nice cool blog… πŸ™‚
    found you via aaina, and happy new year dude!!!

  2. thanks! and happy new year to u 2

  3. Resolved to make no resolutions… hehe πŸ˜› great!!!

    Anyways.. happy new year!!

  4. hey dude!!
    i m a first yr(cse) student at juit.
    i just wanted to get ur expertise on upcomin things.
    could n’t find ur e mail address any where around.
    plez post me ur e mail so that we can talk

  5. hi anshul, u can find my email address in the “about section” of this site on the “contact me” page. I wont post it here coz then I wud get spammed by blog-bots.

  6. hey dizzy….
    well……an amazing website….
    ….know wht????i’m too impressed!!!!

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