Gali gali mein shor haye……. !

Being in the founding batch of JUIT has given me many unique experiences. When JUIT commenced operating then there were teachers residences on campus, some of them stayed at the ground floor of H1. Nearing the end of first year, we had a new teacher- identified only as ‘teetar’ – the name we kept. Teetar was new and he ganged up with two other teachers of CS Deptt. and confused and humiliated students during the second semester viva. Since teetar was staying in the hostel- students used to get up in the middle of the night and bang on his door, once they even upturned a bucket of water beneath his door. Anyways, Teetar has now been transferred to JIIT, and is taking one of our most important subjects. He has grown up a bit and I like that. Lets see what the future holds!

~ by sleepwalker on January 13, 2005.

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