What about dinner at Aunty’s… ?

Priya Complex at Vasant Vihar attracts a lot of yougsters and has a lot of eating joints that cater to this category. Tucked away in the Barista line of shops is “Kripps” or better known as ‘Aunty’s Place’. An aged lady manages it and she is everybody’s favourite aunty. Students of IIT Delhi throng this place. The prices are reasonable okay- not very expensive, and the food is really good. If you let Aunty know that you are a college student then you wont be charged the Sales Tax. Even though the place is small as compared to Mc. Donnalds or Nirula’s but the USP here is that Aunty personally makes sure that the food is according specification. I like Indian food over the fast food junk that MNC’s serve and Aunty’s place is my favourite at the Priya Complex.

~ by sleepwalker on January 17, 2005.

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