Messing with sexism

Untill I had come to the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Deemed University- I used to think that the days of mindless sexism are over. But this place tells a whole new story. JIIT prepares the engineers of the 21st century and it goes about doing this by creating a “truly international” environ. Students are made to wear uniforms and follow mindless rules such as fencing the garden so that students are not able to sit in the sun in the cold winter days lest the grass be damaged, but playing football for 4 hours everyday in the same garden, in the evening is surprisingly allowed! The most mindless act of the management till date has been the splitting of the mess into two halves- the girls mess and the boys mess. Its wonderful how people like to display blatant sexism and still claim to ‘cultivate minds for the 21st century’. Maybe the JIIT administration thinks that the best way that our country can progress is to separate both sexes so that no co-ordination exists.

~ by sleepwalker on February 4, 2005.

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