Black is beautiful

There are some instances in life when I feel that if I pen down my thoughts in words then I would be spoiling the sanctity of my emotions. Sometimes some incidents happen that leave us affected so deeply that we cannot describe them any more, they just remain like a tingling thought in our minds. I saw the movie “BLACK” and it left an imprint on my soul. Its not just a movie or a script, its an experience. Its touching. It cannot be described and so I wont even try to. I felt very light and relaxed after the movie.

~ by sleepwalker on February 7, 2005.

5 Responses to “Black is beautiful”

  1. Sounds good. Hope to watch it soon…

  2. Sounds very interesting. I think it will definitely be worth to see it once..but not more than once…..for that reason …india main nahi chalegi..

  3. It wud do well with the educated crowd. most of it is in english. lets see what happens.

  4. we exist!! hi i am a 1st yr student frm jiet guna but i ws surprised to c nothin on ur page dat remotly connected to us … i jst banged into ur site while surfing today itself and ws impressed wid the stuff here .. anyways i guess i am to become a permanent creature of dizzy sir’s world dat is if i m not an uninvited guest!!!! as it is i love blabbering and need exits to flush out my stuff

  5. hi saurabh and welcome to this site
    I have never experienced JIET Guna so I never wrote about it here, maybe I can come sometime during ur fest, it wud be delightful. You r absolutely welcome to be a part of this site. Hope to see more of you. cheers!

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