Advantage Sania

After winning the Hyderabad Open, Sanya Mirza has shown the world that she is no one match wonder. Sanya is just 18 years old and handles all the fanfare with maturity. She did give a tough fight to Serena Williams in the Aussie Open too. This all proves that Sanya is a beauty with ability. Here’s wishing her the very best in the sport and hoping that she brings allocades to our country. I just love your nose-pin!


~ by sleepwalker on February 14, 2005.

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  1. he dizzy sir .. i banged back again!!! newaz i thot i wud give you some advices abt ur site … firstly why dont you make some kinda mssg board out here so that others can gutter in their thoughts as well ….oh!!! i gues dat wud be enough for today .. wiase… do tell me wt do u think abt this suggestion …. and ye …if u do descide to get this mssg board thingie workin thn do put the show email as optional …nw to some more appropiate stuff .. i read somewhere in your site that noida had 80% placement … what was the highest salry like and how abt the summer training that is beinoog conducted .. actually i wanna ask u sooooo much but i guess this is not the appropiate place … u mail me back if u want and give me r email id as well if u can .. ta

  2. hi sourabh, well this is a pretty basic webhosting package that I have, and putting up a message board would burden the resources by such an amount that the site wont be available half the time. maybe we can host a msg board at some free hosting sites out there why dont you initiate such a thing at a free message board site, i’d be gald to participate. and the second thing was that i had intended this site to be a personal homepage never imagining that so many jaypee students would visit so i had never applied for a board hosting package that turns out to be a bit expensive on resources, I intend to use this site as my personal space where I can put down my thoughts about anything and everything in this world. My email adress is in the “about me” section, wont post it here to avoid the blog bots.

  3. ya i hv one such mssg board site in mind its m but i guess ur the one who will have to start it up bcoz ppl here i guess may not be so enthusiastic .. forget abt knowing and implyin the entire idea .. newaz u c wat u can do and u din ans my other question abt the highest salry and stuff and the companies etc …. chalo thn ta

  4. the highest salary was 18K offered by Accenture, however they took only 9 students. Infosys recruited the maximum number, 41 students and offered them 14K. as for the summer training- thats just and intro to the industry and has no effect whatsoever on ur academic status, companies dont recruit for summner training- ur college will arrange when u complete second yr, its only for 2 months. For 6 month industrial training in fourth yr- ppl go to those companies for which they have been recruited durin placement.

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