Frustated and Screwed

A frustrating bout of exams ended today, although I know that that the results shall be pathetic. Met Dr.Medury in a rare ‘sighting’ outside the confines of ‘Samadhan Sambhag’ yesterday and this is how it went. YM: “Hey, how r u?”. dizzy: “Sir, I’ve heard that u got a chocolate and a rose on v-day”. YM: (taking me into a corner and whispering confidentially): “Can u tell me, who gave the chocolate?”. dizzy: “Its a secret sir!”. YM: “Secret??…. you SCREW OFF MAN!!!!”. I stood watching in shock and awe at this salvo while YM walked away laughing. I am glad that the VC still talks to me in this manner, informally and using my language.

~ by sleepwalker on February 19, 2005.

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  1. ya evn my xams ended up today but they were not so frustrating an experience… i hope i will manage decent marks if not top the world ….ya valentines day is nice but not for me ..and not to mention is an inspiration … this is my encounter wid him …. i was abt to get down the stairs of my hostel when i saw mr.dean mr.director,mr.registrar marching upwards .. at go one i was left dumfounded seeing the whos-who of jaypee .. newaz i amanged to blabber somethin like good night sir in the middle of the afternoon gave me a smile and said “its morning sir” ..which reminded me of a cheap secratary joke .. nvr mind .. the next thing he says is … “hey dat sounded like the secratary in dat joke man!!!” .. now imagine me lil baby havin jst spent2 odd months in jiet facing the vc and other such ppl i wudnt wanna c and actually readin my mind and talkin abt a really cheap joke .. now dat scared the hell outta me .. newaz off goes again ….”he dude wats ur name”…i said …”saurabh moitra sir” again taken aghast at his informal langaugue …..”so dude whr r u frm …calcutta.. ur a bengali right” .. yes sir … but i am not frm cal i am frm lko” .. “oh .. so u r the nawab of lko .. so mr.nawab get some tunde ke kababs for me he nxt time u go home” and he gave me his cell no. and walked away …. i so very really adore and respact him .. no wonder he got thoes temptations and roses

  2. hey saurabh… 2 hv nother vc fan… i wonder if vc really asked u to bring those kababs…as i hear him 2 be a staunch brahmin!!!!!!!!!!!!

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