Is there anybody out there?

Are we alone in the universe? We have life on earth coz it is at a correct distance from the Sun. Our Sun is a star and there are planets around it. There are billions of such stars in our galaxy and there are many billions of such galaxies in the universe. That means there are zillions of trillions of billions of planets out there. At least one of those would be at a correct distance from a star and have a hospitable climate for life to thrive. I believe that there is life apart from us. Its just a matter of them finding us or we finding them. Maybe they’d need toxins for survival which could wipe out the entire human race. Wud they be like us? or wud evolution have taken a different route. Would they be remotely earthlike or maybe existing as a swarm of nanoparticles? Would they be as cute as the alien in “Koi… Mil Gaya” and make my spectacles go away….. or wud they be evil, like in “Independence Day” and attack america {of all the places….. oh stoopid hollywood!!!}.


~ by sleepwalker on February 25, 2005.

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