Grounded for life

Today morning I was talking about being positive and happy after suffering through a long duration of sadness and loneliness. Anyways, today evening I lost a thousand bucks, bank ATM cards, my driver’s license and club membership card along with a set of eight GSM sim cards having much importance in my personal life, this happened while travelling in a crowded vikram {three wheeler} here in Ghaziabad. It took a lot of rushing around in the rain in the evening to get the bank cards blocked and now I shall have to visit the police station to file an FIR of my lost license so that a new one may get issued. I am not sad that I lost money or cards or my license, maybe the only thing that I valued were the SIM cards and the sms messages in them. When everything is going wrong in my life, even small things really shatter me. I cant even term this incident as trivial, it shall take ages for me to go through the government machinery and get a new license issued, till then I am grounded.


~ by sleepwalker on March 9, 2005.

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