Bowled over!

The India-Pakistan matches are on and the cricket fever is soaring. Everywhere people are to be found with radio sets glued to their ears. The labs are full of students monitoring scores on the internet, the corridors are full of girls and boys huddled around receiver sets and screaming “ooohs” and “aahs” at every ball. Innovation has found a new face, students sit in their cars during lunchtime to listen to the commentary on the radio, while others have stuck earphones into their ears and are following the match ball-by-ball during lectures and yet others updating themselves on the scores using sms. Its rightly said… in India, cricket is not a sport, its a religion.

Sehwag ki maa ko bulao,
Sachin ko Pepsi pilao,
Ganguly ko Chawanprash khilao,
Kaif ko Lays khilao,
Dravid ko castrol pilao,
iradey hai nek, hosle hai buland, kasam hai hindustan ki, phir wohi jalwa dikhaenge?? rawalpindi-express ko local train banayenge???? aaj ek ball aur khel lo, aaj ek bat aur pakad lo, aaj ek wicket aur le lo, aaj ek match aur jeet lo… aaj bas aaj… kya pata…. kal ho na ho…… Ab to Jitna Zaruri hai!!!!


~ by sleepwalker on March 12, 2005.

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