My new roomie

Had a wonderful Sunday, and its not even over yet, been online before brushing my teeth. Caught up on my web experiments, added endless coils of wires to my CDMA phone to search for better signal strength for faster internet, finally placed the phone under the bed. My room is like the Bermuda triangle, no signal penetrates these walls whether CDMA or GSM. Caught up on my online reading. The room looks like a war ravaged city. There is debris all over the floor and I have to step carefully to avoid trampling on floppies, wrappers, files, wires, CD’s and clothes. No time to clean up, maybe next week or the week after. But the reason I am really excited about is that I have a new room-mate, he is dark and has eight legs and prefers to hang from his web all day in the corner of the ceiling, seems pretty still right now but his position has changed since I saw him an hour ago.


~ by sleepwalker on March 13, 2005.

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  1. complex question…. i need to devote some time on this….i shall reply soon. maybe after the minors… i need time to think….. is ur friend a girl or a boy???? seems like a girl

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