Pangs of teetar

Exams start in less than 17 hours from now, I haven’t even studied zilch for any subject till yet…. have been surviving on noodles alone since the past three days and uuggghhh!!!…. I hate them now, noodles only look good on Mandira Bedi… I wont be touching them for a long long while. I am already floating off into dreamland and imagining what butter chicken, tandoori roti, green chillis, onion rings and chutney shall taste like when I finish my exams and go back home to my parents. hmmmmm!!!!…. me getting pangs of hunger…. only three days left till vacations…. Teetar’s exam first thing tomorrow morning, and me going back to Computer Networks and Software Engineering. May God Bless me.

~ by sleepwalker on March 16, 2005.

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