Someone Somewhere

Her eyebrows curved, eyelashes fluttered, eyes twinkled and her lips formed a smile as she looked at me. She held out her hand for me to hold as we walked on the sandy beach, our footprints leaving marks in the undisturbed sand, the waves kissing our feet and receding back into the ocean as if their only purpose was to caress the couple. The gentle breeze blowing through her hair, making me shiver, but having little effect on her. Her head found its usual place on my shoulder. The beach serene and beautiful as the sun decided to elope with the sea, no sunset could have more beautiful as this one, with her by my side.
She is my dream girl, I have never met her, she exists only in my thoughts. Would people believe me if I told them that I am in love with a person who doesnt exist? She is a figment of my imagination, whom I wont want to step out of my thoughts and meet me in real life, ever.

~ by sleepwalker on March 17, 2005.

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