I am Positive

The title might seem a bit misleading, but of course I meant that ‘m feeling quite upbeat and positive today! The reason being thats its 8AM, and I was surprised by a huge mail in my mailbox…. I was feeling pretty tired since the morning due to todays impending exams, but this has made my day 🙂 . After gallivanting around on the beach with my lover in yesterday’s post, today I have refrained from having a bath, the water from the shower seems a weird shade of dark purple…. screw the Noida water authority. Vacations start from tomorrow afternoon…. that means a week of no assignments, no labs and no lectures… Which also translated means sleep, TV and Chicken and movies and friends and masti and Priya Complex and damsels and sleep and TV and sleep and more TV and more movies and more n more sleep!! Dilli, here I come!
UPDATE: 19/March. Me going for week of vacations…. goodbye blog, will miss u!

~ by sleepwalker on March 18, 2005.

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  1. i jst came back frm my phycics xam .. some fool physicst has rightly said dat everythin in this world is a function of somethin .. nw dat i din know wt was written in the question paper i decided to do some self realization by thinkin wts my life a function of?? .. well i thot nd finally realised dat after commin to guna my life is non-linearly dependent on jst 2 characteristics … chapna(to copy) and ratna(to mug up widout understanding) …. each day, day after day,i jst c myself doin this .. morn to even nd eve to morn .. chapna and ratna … ratte-ratte chapna..chapte chapte ratna .. assignments or practicals or lecture notes .. dats all wt i keep doin .. maths ho ya pd .. physics ya emi …. jst end up muggin it all … chapping it all ….nd this mr.intelligent teacher of my college was tellin me the other day dat engineering is like a bug .. it shd bite u all the time to learn more … ya its a bug .. agreed .. but it jst bites me to chapo more .. rato more … i shd hv been in the advertisement or film makin business … dat would hv suited me the best

  2. hey saurabh, dont be so forlorn, this is what engg. is all about…. enjoy ur holidays.. many things lie ahead for u.

  3. thanx to this web page(s) of yours, through which I got to know better side of yours , otherwise u were just a (timepass) friend for me.
    Dekh yaar complaining abt exams on the blog is not going to help us because as we of students the very “unwelcomed” nature of exams is easily understandable,
    now i could corelate that since u r with ur lover only in ur dreams so u enjoy screwing me before my (so called) crush(es) , happy holi
    meet u soon in college

  4. nice to see someone positive. Screw the Noida water authorities:-)

  5. hey me back to this dirty room of mine… back to ol’ noida… back to missing baths.. anways… hey khilesh ‘m not cribbing about the exams… life is full of them, but since this is my diary so I write about everything that I undergo beneath the sun everyday. best of luck to Mrs. Khandi n u!!!!! hi arunima, welcome to my place..

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