Shifted Reality

I have been living life like a gypsy since the past three years and as a result I have no place to call as my home. Maybe it was due to whims, fantasies, bad judgements, immaturity, circumstances and constraints. Left my house and went to Waknaghat to to study at JUIT, spent an year there, left JUIT and lived at home for two months during vacations and then it was the JIIT hostel, lived in the Noida hostel for 6 months and then a month again at my own house and then two months at Shipra and then again shifted to Sector-62 to my rented apartment and have been living here since exactly the past one year. I feel alienated from my own house and yet an alien here too. Everything feels temporary, I shall live here another six months and then I shall be shifting back home. Trying to find my piece of peace but the search has left me in pieces. Lost interest in studies too, I guess. Had huge academic setbacks since I shifted to this college in the third sem, and now I’ve lost the will. Maybe I am not brave enough to face the challenges of life.

~ by sleepwalker on March 28, 2005.

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