Off late, life has taken many twists and turns, maybe this is what makes life interesting. I need to take time to get my priorities straight, so I am taking a break from blogging for sometime. Ardhviram is a Hindi word for comma “,” and Poornviram means the period “.” This blog is a narration of my discovery of life through my own eyes, as I have encountered it. It shall take some days, maybe weeks for me to get back on the journey. The discovery shall never end. This is just a pause and not a period.


~ by sleepwalker on March 30, 2005.

3 Responses to “Ardhviram”

  1. wn will ya start writing dude i am missin my ol’ days nd missin u too .. come back soon

  2. found your blog through susubh’s. pretty interesting, i must say!

  3. hey mr. dizzy…..
    what has happened to u????not writin any good stuff…….
    ur site has become stagnant………please dnt neglect ur site…..too busy with studies kya????

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