Kidnap Plan!

There are some incidents that bring a smile to my face whenever I think about them, and I still enjoy the scenarios even though it might have been a lot of time, since it all actually took place. This happened during my sister’s marriage ceremony in 2003. During the “saat phere” while the bride and groom are up on the “mandap”, the bride’s sisters indulge in mischief and hide the groom’s shoes. This pair of shoes is then held to an atrocious ransom which the groom has to pay to avoid embarrassment. All the siblings of my family decided to get together for this “kidnap” act. My bro-in-law’s sisters were smart and hid his shoes along with the jewellery so that we couldn’t get to them. But we proved that we were smarter by hiding the high heels of the groom’s sisters’, and holding them to ransom!

~ by sleepwalker on April 26, 2005.

3 Responses to “Kidnap Plan!”

  1. Chori pe Chori….

  2. That is smart. Good going! I love marriages…even we had a good time in my cousin’s marriage when my dear jiju’s sisters foolishly asked him to take his shoes off right after dinner..and that too right in front of took only two seconds to create a hussle and bussle…which lead to us getting the shoes 😀

  3. Debalina: yup we loved to steal those heels, the groom’s sisters were literally begging us to give them back, but obviously we didnt let them go without a ransom!

    Poonam: Yup marriages are pure fun, specially the rivalry between the girls and the boys side, the functions, the dancing and the merriment!

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