Come May 18, and I’d be very very happy, the exams would end and vacations would start off. But till then, its time to hit the books. A new mall has opened up, right across the road from the university, the largest mall in Delhi and NCR, also has multiplex. The mall is tempting to look at from the corridors of the college. I shall definitely catch a late late night movie there coz its my dream to do so, havent ever enjoyed night life in these three odd years in college. I went home in the past two days and had lots of fun. On Saturday I went shopping with mummy, to Sarojini Nagar, bought myself a new wallet {my earlier one got lost last month alongwith my license and cards}, a pair of floater sandals to wear to college- formal shoes and socks irritate me a lot during these summer days. We had “bunta” a fizzy lemon drink with a glass marble inside the bottle, it was simply awesome! Its really been a long since I last had a bunta.
Days left till 6th semester Major exams: 8, When you are feeling stressed and about to breakdown, just remember: STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards, it’s a piece of cake!


~ by sleepwalker on May 1, 2005.

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