Awesome Mausam!

Whew, lightening is crackling outside in the distance, its not raining right now, but the sky is overcast since the morning and there was less of sunshine, I just love it this way, its totally romantic during the rains. Just imagine the overcast sky in the evening, a gently breeze blowing, sitting in the balcony, chatting over and having hot paneer pakora’s with green chutney and a cup of tea, watching the rain pelting down relentlessly, dousing the thirst of the parched earth which had been scarred with cracks by the hot Sun. The sweet smell of wet earth all around…… AWESOME! The next three days are absolutely choked with multiple practical exams, viva’s, project submissions et. al. and major exams start from Monday- I have to study for them too. May 17 shall be a relief, coz then we shall have a chicken party! It appears that for the first time since the past two years after joining JIIT, my name shant be put up on the notice board for shortage of attendance, it is miraculous that I have the mandatory eighty-percent {touchwood!} in all subjects to appear for the exams, everything seems fine, now lets hope that no new development happens in the coming days………..


~ by sleepwalker on May 3, 2005.

4 Responses to “Awesome Mausam!”

  1. wow sounds like the weather is really nice there. πŸ™‚ its may here..and it should be quite warm but it is very colldddddddd

    i am glad that someone is enjoying the nice weather.

    Seems that you are going to be busy with your exams! I bet that they will go very well for you! πŸ™‚

  2. yup the weather is really great, i just wish i could enjoy it with somebody rather than being alone….
    it seems as if i opened my big mouth too soon about the attendance issue, my attendance record seems to have been lost and on top of that, these people have lost my answersheet of previous minor exam, that was worth 25% marks for this semester…. four teachers have been terminated for submitting fake degrees when they were recruited… ohh God, whazz going on

  3. wow:shock: that’s crazy!!!!

  4. whhhhhatt!! teachers submitting fake degrees??!!! i guess it’d be safe for you guys if you consulted text books for the things in your syllabus rather than relying on notes of these teachers there., in that case. waise bhi books are better than those drab, sleepy lectures.No difference in that aspect between my place and yours 😦

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