Wicked excercise!

As they say in Hindi “Exams are standing on my head”, the following eight days are devoted to Computer Networks, Digital Signal Processing, S/W Engg and Compiler Design…. People should excersice regularly to stay fit and healthy, One of the best forms of excercise is to use the staircase, avoiding the elevator. Ever since I stayed at JUIT Solan, I have caught on the habbit of climbing stairs, that place is full of them, now at Noida I stay at the sixth floor and I dont take the elevator often. There is this really cute looking girl staying on the seventh floor, yesterday she stepped on my toes with her pointed high heels and didnt even say sorry. In the evening I was in the corridor taking a break, when I saw her entering into the elevator on the seventh floor, I promptly pressed the call button on the sixth floor and ran downstairs to the fifth and and then again pressed the button at every floor, the car stopped at every level even though nobody got on, and she was just short of becoming crazy when she finally reached the zero level! Am I evil? šŸ˜ˆ


~ by sleepwalker on May 8, 2005.

3 Responses to “Wicked excercise!”

  1. That’s not a good way to treat ppl who you think are “cute” !!
    Evil Devil……may u get a few more heels,soles,sandals,jootas and chappals ;D

  2. hey soumabh, yep she is cute and pretty, but basic courtsey’s are necessary in life too. exams are on and I dont even get time to be online…. todays thing didnt go too well, it cud have… but…. maybe I shall remain a five point someone forever……
    BTW, i’d never thought that book wud become so famous…. the author’s style didnt quite appeal to me…

  3. hahaha !
    Revenge and cutie…both go along !

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