A lot of things go unquestioned, a lot of questions go unanswered. A few words go unsaid, a few go unheard. Some dreams are buried alive……… but some are born dead.
13 May, 1:03 PM: Today’s exam went well… but I am still not satisfied…. pata nahin kyon??.. As the last exam approaches, its even harder to give them properly, coz all the time I am planning about having fun in the vacations, although there wouldnt be much of vacations for me…. I really do wanna go somewhere unknown… to travel and loose the monotony of stale life, start afresh with a clean mind, but like many plans of the past, I know that this too shant be able to materialize…….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

~ by sleepwalker on May 12, 2005.

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  1. You sound quite down today. 😦 Hope it gets better for you! 🙂

  2. thanks Poonam….. its just that these days are a bit frustrating, I have made one of the worst blunders of academics, God only knows what shall happen next…… anyways- I shall get better once exams get over and vacations start off…. thanks a ton….

  3. Hey..linked thru your comment on my blog.Incidentally..jus back from college today…for almost a 3 months vacations. Blogging will hopefully not see an end atleast not as long as my mom can afford broadband connection. 😀 See ya arnd…

    PS: Been awake all night…in a delirious state…will surely go thru ur blogs when sanity returns…for starters..TEMPLATE is AWESOME!! 🙂

  4. Good luck for the exams,…and hope you have a lovely time off after that:)

  5. This feeling is very normal just before the last exam ! And we all , atleast most of us experience it. My last exam goes as if there was no exam at all !

  6. Ellie: hey do keep visiting and commenting, nice to see u here. I really admire the way you are!
    Shub: thankssssssss… I really need ur wishes. Digital Signal Processing didnt go too great today, I’ll just manage to clear it, rest of ’em are going good.
    Debalina: Yup, I am already crazy thinking about the stuff that I shalll do once exams are over!!!! Maybe I’ll goto Agra and have a date with Mumtaz Mahal at the Monument of Love! ……. been planning to go there with friends, since a long time…….

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