Flights of Fancy

Fligts of fancy
He looked down from the Gompa, realising that the sun had still not risen. The light was from the Army vehicles crawling all around the sacred hill, soldiers marching on foot, fighting to keep the insurgents away from Ladhakh. A single tear rolled down his eyes, he couldnt imagine the cause of the pain in his heart. He had done what was necessary, he had done what should have been done, but he never knew that it would have caused such a lot of grief. His mind endlessly flashed images of his daughter, sitting serene on the mountain, so beautiful, she could make him smile even when he would wordlessly glance at her from the window, she would be staring at the mountains, sitting far away from the gompa, imagining something in her pretty mind……. but he had to leave her behind, away from the cruel world, so that she would live peacefully. His heart had been touched by beauty by the innocent actions of the girl, and now the same heart had been wrenched away from his chest…. to be continued

~ by sleepwalker on June 18, 2005.

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