Heart and soul

How do you define a girlfriend? A girl who is a friend? Why do people distinguish between friends as being girls and guys. Arent we supposed to cross all barriers when we are friends, be it the barriers of sex. The word “GF” sounds real cheap, or as I wanna term it- ‘tuuchh‘ in hindi. The “other” type of girlfriend maybe termed as a soulmate, the word GF is entirely inadequate to describe the bonding between minds. Over the years, for me, the word “GF” has turned out to be exciting, and then normal and then inadequate and now its disgusting. No words can describe the longing to be with a person, to share words, to share time and to share silences. It feels great to walk with a person under the shadows of autumn trees, not even a single word being exchanged between the individuals and yet feeling as if a conversation was going on. Everything seems so clear, all enemies seem dear and eternities are compressed into nanoseconds when you are with them.
Companionship comes naturally to species, nobody taught pigeons and parrots that they need to build a nest together. In elephants, the alpha male sticks with the female all his life and when one of them dies, s/he is mourned by the other, and yes they do cry for each other. All this has evolved over the fabric of time. Males and females were made to be each other’s companions in the best and worst of times. Love encompasses boundaries, and when a relationship doesnt work out then its important to know- love never fails, people do…..


~ by sleepwalker on June 18, 2005.

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  1. Very interesting post dizzy. πŸ™‚ As i was reading the end, it made me think of something similar that i had written about using your dil and dimaag when you are in a relationship…and if a relationship is broken..is that really true love….even you are saying in a similar fashion as i did.

    i have never really liked the term girlfriend/boyfriend either. I don’t know where it evolved from, but it is really quite a bad choice of words. Friend bhi kehte ho par friend se jyaada bhi ho….gadbad jarur hai.

    In friendship there is no barrier, chahe ladka ho yaa ladki, it doesn’t matter, but platonic relationships are looked at as if it is really just a platonic relationship (friendship) or something more than that….society abhi tak yeh nahi maan paayi hai ke ek ladka aur ek ladki dost ho sakte hain bina pyaar kiye…

    very well written post dizzy. πŸ™‚

  2. pata hai poonam, its okay if u roam around with a guy and wach a movie, but the moment u r seen with a girl then nobody is ready to accept that she is just a friend. Hey what I feel is that the youngsters of today have a pretty stable mind and have their priorities straight, but its the society that needs to have its mind cleansed.

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