She looked up, and a glance to his face told her that he wanted to say something, but the words were not able to form on his lips. They were having a dosa, at Raghurraman’s shop just by the corner. It was same as the college days, the dosa being eaten by him and while she ate the coconut chutney only. He looked up, she saw his lips quiver, maybe he was trying to talk. A single tear rolled down her cheek to her chin and dropped silently into the plate. It was a noisy place, small kids were running around the tables, with vermilion streaks on their forehead, while their mothers vainly tried to make them eat. She saw the kids playing hide and seek in the restaurant, a cute little girl, staring at her with fingers folded into her mouth, holding her mothers saree while her mother busily chatted away, the kid was scared to walk up to her. She looked back at him again, he had been looking into her eyes. She sobbed quietly, a barely audible sound. The doctor’s report had confirmed a few hours ago, they shall never be able to have a child.

~ by sleepwalker on June 23, 2005.

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