Opposite sex

A thing that I have noticed after entering college is- a girls’ best friend is always a guy, even though both of them aren’t going out together. It seems that girls feel free around guys, their guard is always up around other females. This is a complete shift from the school atmosphere. After an enlightening discussion with a friend of the opposite sex, we came to the conclusion that girls are intrinsically complicated. In the case of a cross sex friendship, the girls like the fact that guys are relaxed and carefree. Yes it may be argued that being complicated shows how much more emotionally evolved the female species is, but the fact remains that it is simpler for girls to be good friends with guys as compared to other girls. The male and the female species was genetically designed to be each other’s companions. As people mature, this fact comes to light very often.


~ by sleepwalker on July 6, 2005.

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  1. hi dizzy! vidhi here! i didnt find ur mail id on ur site…i hv left my mail id…do gimme urs…

    btw, wut does your name mean?

  2. its some interesting thoughts dizzy. Being in college here in the US, I felt that guys and girls were friends but you would still see more girls and girls walking..and guys and guys walking…i didn’t find it to be as noticeable..unless if the guy and girl were dating..to see an abnormally amt. of the opposite sex walking together. Its a good post! 🙂

  3. Great Thoughts!!!

  4. I believe that friendship between opposite sex is fast and quick and somewhere down the line you get to order if this is a platonic relationship.
    Somewhere down the line someone is attracted to the other.
    Somewhere down the line either they loose contacts or they are forced to do so or they are no more friends because something else has developed between them and that is quiet natural considering its a natural attraction towards the opposite sex.
    When it comes to girl-girl or guy-guy friendship,it takes time to evolve but you can be rest assured that it will last long if its friendship.
    But again, relationships , how you handle them and how you see it, depends on those 2 people !

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