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College has just started off. I have shifted back to Noida now, it feels so strange to walk into the very same room which I had left behind a month ago, when vacations started. I actually live at Delhi, but since my college is located at Noida, so I have taken up rented accommodation here. However I do go back home to Delhi on some weekends and for every vacation. I remember that I had excitedly shouted “goodbye room!” when I was about to leave, now those sounds echo back. The question papers of the third year final exam are scattered across the floor, as I had left them. Now I am in the fourth year (seventh semester), 5 more months of engineering left, and then it shall be a step into the industry in the eighth semester industrial training. How time flies! I remember clearly my first day at JUIT waknaghat in the first year, and then again my first day at JIIT noida after being transferred here in the second year. Yep, I am a bit sad coz now vacations are over, and its back to the daily grind, overdue assignments, running around in labs and barely trying to stay awake in lectures.

~ by sleepwalker on July 21, 2005.

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  1. hey dizzy…same thing happened when i entered my room todayy…vaccations r never enough i guess….2 whole months n now they seem nothinn….WANNA GO BAKK HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  2. hey 5-star! yep college is really difficult once u loose the habbit of being “in the grind” but anyways, best of luck to u this semester… study hard! u shall soon enter into the flow!

  3. So back to the grind eh? All the best! šŸ™‚

  4. thanks Poonam. its a short while left now for college life to end, will try to do everything that I had dreamt of!

  5. So you will be joining your Industrial Training at “the company”.
    Where you stay in Delhi…

  6. nopes, “the company” dosnt provide industrial training of 6 months, though most companies do….. [reply emailed to Ankur]

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