Guys night out!

Its only five more months left for all college life to be over, although I didnt much enjoy my time at noida due to useless restrictions and the army of behenji’s in my college. The last two nights were spent amongst guys, trying to come with terms with the fact that I have never partied with girls.
Sunday: We decided to go to a disc, all four of us {schooltime friends} got ready in our best “hunk” outfits and drove out to Gurgaon. Went to Odyssey first, in the sahara mall. It seems that Odyssey is a theque only on fridays and saturdays and it turns into a family restaurant on sundays- the entire dance floor is removed and replaced by dinner tables! Disappointed, we turned to Mojos in the DT mall, but even there the dance floor was being renovated…. damp squib again! then we went to Buzz, thats a pub, even though I stay far away from alcohol but I do sip a fresh lime soda to give company to my beer guzzling friends……. The Buzz people didnt let us enter…. the reason bieng… surprise.. surprise…… even though its a pub and not a theque but still it requires that every guy be accompanied by a girl… strange! It makes no logic that stag entry be denied in a pub. Now having had enough, we drove back to a friends place, had yellow dal, chawal, roti and keema and watched HBO all night.
Monday: Had to come back to Noida on Monday, but decided to go for a night movie with the college guys at the Shipra Mall. The movie was “Dus”. The storyline was a bit illogical. The air-conditioning froze us, but it was fun. Zayed’s overacting was stoopid, Pankaj Kapoor was suberb, the camera shots were great. The stunts had been stretched a bit too far, there was this particular scene in which Zayed’s motorcycle flies over Gulshan Grover’s car, but maybe they forgot that it was a bike and not a chopper. Shilpa Shetty was awesome, she plays a commando, and even during operations she wears kajal and has a heavy eyeshadow and wears low rise cargo pants to office, showing off her navel and that bat tattoo on her lower back/hipbone. hmmmmmmm…….
It was the first time that I had been out of my house after 10 PM, it was fun. Watching moves with the guys usually turns into a laughing fest with hilarious comments flying back and forth. The hall was almost empty, we had the entire place to ourselves. I still really want to go to a Disc {never having gone to one} and party till I am senseless. In most theques guys not allowed to enter without a girl, although girls are allowed to enter un-accompanied. The entry charges are atrociously high for males and entry is free for the females. The party girls have turned smart, if you ask unknown girls to help you to enter, they ask for two beers and then only they walk you through the door. Earlier the help used to be mutual, as only couple entry was allowed, but now the girls dont need the guys and they can walk in unhindered. Girls who are willing to help out guys make sure that they dont have to shell out a single buck, as there are no entry charges for females anyways, and alcohol is provided by the guy she helps. The poor guy has to empty out his last paisa to pay for his entrance charges and for the girl who helped him at the door!

~ by sleepwalker on July 26, 2005.

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  1. abey dizzy….teri kahani to ditto meri jaisi hai 😦
    kabhi kabhi bahut frust ho jaata hun yaar.
    Neways, now i have you as a partner in the misery 😀 Whine together …Hwaiiiiin..Hwwaiiin .
    Apna kya hoga be……….bahut rona aata hai kabhi kabhi soch ke.Pata nahi kyaa gadbad hai apan ke saath ki aas paas ke sabhi ko sab kuchh mil jaata hai aur apan ko nahi 😦

  2. arrey yaar, sachhi kabhi kabhi toh bahut gussa aata hai, yehi kuch time hai ab… iske baad toh pata nahin life kahaan leke jayegi……. and woh ek thoda sa excitement thha college jaane ka… woh bhhi administration ne uniforms compulsary karke khatam kar diya 😦

  3. and they say its a mans world… i dont think so..

  4. guys night out?? wow..what fun! 🙂 it seems that you really had a great time!

  5. Hey Poonam, the fist day was quite a dud, but the second day was great! Handa, ever noticed that feminism is a “movement” but “male shauvinism” is a disgrace? {not my original lines, picked up from somewhere}

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