Midnight shock!

I am totally vela nowadays. College has just started, and not much of serious studies are going on. Took mummy to shopping on Sunday to Lajpat Nagar, the climate is really badtameez, the humidity is irritating. Yesterday, we decided to catch the movie “yahaan”, after all it helps if u have a mall right across the road from the insti. The movie was mushy, the storyline was okay, but weak in places…. but the mush was touching. The interval was at midnight and as we were walking towards the popcorn bar, there was a commotion…. two fourth year girls of my college had accidentally barged right into the men’s room….. and realised it a bit too late! JUIT has also commenced and newly constructed buildings have become operative, including a new gymnasium….. and…. a new women’s beauty salon…. mister registrar, isnt that taking it a bit too far? on saturdays uniform is off at JUIT, so the administration is ensuring that the girls can look their best. Compare this to JIIT where students are not allowed to enter campus premises unless they are in uniform and have their cards slung around their necks…. incidentally the uniforms of male and female janitors of the mall right across the road, are absolutely the same! Sometimes, I feel really bad, college doesnt seems like college anymore, it is actually the entire establishment of the Indian government working miniaturised, complete with red tapism, and senseless and insensitive attitudes.

~ by sleepwalker on August 2, 2005.

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