is it really so?

How do u define youth? Its that time of ur life when nothing and everything going around in this world concerns you, friends gain importance and life revolves around ideologies. People start to discover their boundaries, and try to experiment with those to try to expand them. Life is smooth, everything falls into place, relationships are forged and life is enjoyed. Despite still being young, I feel really old. Like a 50 year old man, dont know why and whats really happening, circumstances are going really smooth right now, everything is great around me, I am happy- not even depressed, but still I feel lethargic. I feel captive, just want to break free…. I just want to live my own life, make my own rules and live the life I want to lead. I really dont want to disrupt the functioning of this world, its is not what I mean by being a rule maker. But sometimes u gotta be free enuff as an individual, otherwise the individuality and ‘uniqueness’ are at stake.


~ by sleepwalker on August 3, 2005.

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