Lady in red

I had a tryst with her again last night, she always leaves me cold and scared. This incident happened around October 2002, when I was still at JUIT Waknaghat, at Solan- doing my first year of computer engineering. A friend and I, were taking an evening stroll around the welcome gate, from where the JUIT-durra area starts. It was a cold evening, around 7 PM, and there was some mist too and it was gradually getting dark. We were joking around, just the two of us, walking back to the university, after a long walk in the area. Then we suddenly saw this apparition. It was a woman, in a red saree. Her face and features were fading into the dusk and fog, we couldn’t see anything other than her saree, even though she was hardly 15 feet away. She was so fast which no human possibly could, she descended from the almost vertical steep rocky wall above and proceeded to cross the road right in front of us and then she walked right off the mountain from the road, into the valley. The mountain was very steep at the spot from which she had descended onto the road and crossed us and then descended again from the road. We were really scared and ran back to the university. We heard from the locals that she had been sighted many times in the area, and had died a violent death many years ago. I sometimes have nightmares involving that incident. I always wake up cold, scared, shivering and my pulse racing. Sometimes I just hate to live alone- like I am living presently.


~ by sleepwalker on August 4, 2005.

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  1. man , are you serious ? 😐

  2. thats a bit too much yaar….

  3. I am very serious, right from that day, to now- I can never forget what I had seen. That day, Vikas and me started reciting the Hanuman Chalisa and walked away from the place as fast as our legs could carry us. God only knows what or who it was.

  4. Sounds like…. Great Experience 🙂

  5. Amazing!

  6. gumnaam hai koi!!!!!!!!!!!
    darna mana hai!!!!!!!


    bhoot hoon main!!!!!!!!!!

  7. that was eerie!! padhke hi thoda darr laga! such things can scare the daylights out of a person!

    lekin bajrangbali hain na!
    bhoot pisach nikat nahin aave
    mahabeer jab naam sunave…!

  8. hello sir,
    i’ve just joined juit. is this bhoot thing really true???????
    i mean c’mon, ghosts??????????

  9. Hi Ritesh, I dont know what that apparition was, but this is exactly what had happened and we both {vikas sharma, ECE 4th yr, JUIT} had the scare of our lives!we both ran back towards the university loudly singing the Hanuman Chalisa!

  10. Must hv been awesome 2 c a awesome bhootni!
    Dint she dance wid u?

  11. //Ebha: she knew salsa, we made an awesome pair!

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