Uncomprehendable Symmetry!

Whats the reason that girls and boys are so different? Both are alike, both brains are made up of the same grey stuff, the blood is the same colour. They are made of the same biomolecules. Girls’ eyes see the same things which our eyes see, their ears hear the same things that we hear and we all speak the same language, but the way by which females interpret, or reason in situations is very very different. God made everything symmetrical, he completed the symmetry by having two of each kind, in all progressive species, but the constituent sexes of the human species are radically different from each other that its amazing that they can co-ordinate together, I guess what attracts people to each other is not their similarities, but the ways in which they differ from each other, what makes both gel well with each other is the way how one complements the other. But this all boils down to a single issue…… what is attraction and what is love? Attraction is instinctive, but love is actually undefinable. Maybe its a neurosignal which is triggered in our brains. But the complexity of the human brain makes its activities difficult to comprehend. Why is the heart denoted as the symbol of love? Its all in the brain.

~ by sleepwalker on August 8, 2005.

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