Bore Bore Bore
thats how life is now, everything is going smooth and monotonous, kuch spice nahin hai. Nothing happening, no news, no activities. Its boring college all over again. maybe we shall make the use of the mall across the road for watching mangal pandey. An incident happened while travelling in a blueline bus, the traffic police stopped the bus and dragged out the conductor, and fined him, he arrived back on the bus squealing and announced that they had been challaned for “not being in uniform”, he wailed that the entire staff had been fined for not being in “dress”… poor guy, doesnt know that it happens in our college everyday with students. Incidentally in the mall across the road the security guards mistook a couple of students as their own colleagues….. hmmmmmphhh…. life is so stagnant, maybe I shall read the last book of the harry potter series, heard that dumbledore dies in the end.


~ by sleepwalker on August 12, 2005.

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  1. yea..yea…. and that blogger is me…tell me isn’t it?? ;P
    and prayers? i need loads of them , btw 😦

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