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I have been tagged by Vidhi, so here’s goes:
Total Number of Books I Own: Somewhere between 35 and 40, a close guess coz much of my stuff is with friends or at my twin homes in Noida and Delhi, so dont know the exact number. My books are composed of the real hardcopies and also e-books, I love reading both the types. I have been getting stuff issued from the library at Delhi, since I was 11 years old, but my personal arsenal is very small as compared to the number of books that I have actually read.
Last Book I Bought: “Who moved my Cheese”, that was approx an year ago, but since then I have got hooked onto ebooks.
Books That Mean a Lot to Me:
1. Lonesome Gods: A very good read, somewhat consisting of ‘literature with soul’, the scene is set approx hundred years ago, for a young man who grows up when his parents are no more.
2. Only Love: An Erich Segal classic, the entire irony of it all and the ending is what I have liked.
3. Love Story: Didnt find the story as too attractive, but I have my favourite parts.
4. Jurassic Park: The book is better than the movie and I loved the creativity of Michael Crichton and the way he used his words to create a virtual scenery.
5. The Blue Nowhere: The story of a hacker, working with the FBI against crackers, differences in opinion put him in jail and then the way he gathers back his life and tries to get across his thoughts to his divorced wife.
6. Da-Vinci Code: Refreshingly different, many facts much drama. Something that touched a chord somewhere, the part about the sanctity of the female and how she used to be concidered very pure, fits the indian context of the female.
7. A book by Peter North Patterson {dont remember the name}: A legal thriller about a lawyer who marries a celebrity, and shifts out of his birthplace only to return many years later to defend his childhood friend against a murder charge.

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