The student who wanted a Ferrari..

Instead of zipping down the information highway on a super fast vehicle, reliance infocomm has made me a stray cow, gently stepping on Delhi’s roads, ambling at a slow pace. The messengers exert and die while connecting and websites refuse to be found by my browser. A fantastic end to my hectic day of continuously scheduled classes for seven hours, lunch bhhi naseeb nahi hua. Ab bahut bhookh lag rahi hai. Everything seems so slow around me. The summers are very very slow while turning into winter, the clock is slow, when wud be the next weekend, the song I am listening to is slow and of course the net is slow. I wish everything would quicken up and life becomes racy again. I want my life to be remixed. The speedometer of my life is reading about 5 Km/hr. The first minor exams are due next week, will catch a horror movie right after the minors. I am content and I am satisfied, but an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, so I dont want anything to be constant around me, ever. I wish everything turns into a ferrari from a baeil-gadi.

~ by sleepwalker on August 31, 2005.

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  1. It’s good to slow down…

    “It used to seem to me
    That my life ran on too fast
    And I had to take it slowly
    Just to make the good parts last”

    Can you guess the song 😉

  2. Back in the Highlife Again…

    It used to seem to me
    That my life ran on too fast
    And I had to take it slowly
    Just to make the good parts last

    But when you’re born to run
    It’s so hard to just slow down
    So don’t be surprised to see me
    Back in that bright part of town

  3. hey ankur..i agree cmpltly…so dizzy slow dwn n mk d good parts last longerr!

  4. sometimes you do want life to go fast..but then there are times it would be great if it would be laid back and slow…:smile:

    good post dizzy!

  5. Ankur: Its a really beautiful song! yes i think I need to slow down everything so that I fully enjoy everything the fullest or maybe hapiness wud whiz past without me cherishing it….. wat say 5-star??
    Poonam: Having much of a slow time… life’s always slow during exams, and fast before and after them!

  6. i came across these lines once, do take a note:
    “speed, weed, birth control,
    sex, drugs, rock & roll,
    life’s a bitch and then you die,
    so F*** the world lets get high.”

    i’m a jiitian too, and going through the best and worst days of life. guess this mantra always comes in handy

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