When kids are just kidding!

My apartment is located such that is faces four nursery/kindergarten play schools. Every morning I stand in the balcony to observe the dramatics going on across the street. Parents come to drop off their children at the school and everyday I see kids desperately trying to cling onto their father’s legs not wanting to goto school. Parents carry their children on shoulders and hand them over to the guard at the gate…. even while they leave, kids claw in the air for those familiar shoulders that carried them since they were born. Everybody cries and the teachers have a tough time keeping the children inside while the parents drive off to their offices. I remember my own school days, I used to wail a lot, needed the slightest reason to get me sobbing. Once I spotted my grandfather from the classroom window, he had come to deposit fees. I clearly remember having packed my bag and putting the bottle around my neck, expecting him to walk in any moment and take me home….. and I also remember that I waited for many hours, had my eye at the door during every class but nobody came to take me home!

~ by sleepwalker on September 6, 2005.

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