Live from the exam hall!

Whats with women and tears? Is it just a defence mechanism or are tears a potent tool to weaken the males? What really confuses me sometimes is when women use their tears to justify their wrong doing and when when they realise that they have nullified their wrong by crying then their eyes immediately dry up, and a sunny smile appears. I am not saying that all women are like that but it cant be doubted that tears are a sure shot weapon for women to disarm the most angry man. Today during the exam a girl was caught cheating, and the angry examiner was about to cancel her answer sheet, but the appearance of a calculated sob weakened the examiner. In a related incident at a sister college located in the hills, a female student carried written answers on her person, to the exam and on being caught she wasnt even called to face the disciplinary committee, rather she cleared with decent marks. Girls who flunk in subjects manage to score an average grade just by sobbing and fainting in front of the faculty. I simply hate such females, and those males who break down to such pressures.
I am between exams right now, just back from givin cryptography and will have bioinformatics in four hours.

~ by sleepwalker on September 8, 2005.

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