A cloudy life ……….

My entire world became cloudy. I thought I was becoming blind. Even though I was wearing my spectacles, but everything seemed hazy, the Amrita Rao wallpaper on my desktop seemed distorted and her pouted lips dissolved into a messy haze. Maybe its just the things that are nearer seem unfocused, I peered out of the window, the buildings afar looked shapeless. Maybe I was really going blind. Ohh God, I had such a lot of things to do, so many movies to watch, so many books to read, so many malls to roam, so many countries to visit, so many monuments to see and so many ladies to admire. It was a shock, it required a moment of deep introspection. I was losing one of my most important senses. I sat down and closed my eyes. With trembling hands I took off my glasses and stared into the void beyond my intellections. A little disturbed and a little perturbed…… but life seemed to be springing back into focus, Amrita seemed pretty as ever and even the buildings beyond seemed upright. Lessons learnt: never wear your spectacles if you have contact lenses on.

~ by sleepwalker on September 16, 2005.

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