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A couple of years ago, Doordarshan screened a movie “Humko ishq ne mara”, the same movie aired yesterday on a different channel. Its about college time romances, dancing and masti. The story revolves around 3 guys and 3 girls who become the best of friends and fall in love, the college has just been turned co-ed and the faculty is concerned as boys are no longer performing well in sports. The trustees keep a weird condition that the college should win the obstacle race in a completion or all girls will be thrown out, etc etc. I cant say the story was without its loopholes, but the experience was great and the music was touching. College time romance is always special, life is so carefree and open. College is the stepping stone where a person turns from the immature school student to a young adult. Normal coffee seems heavenly when you are sitting across the special someone. Meals stretch to an hour talking and laughing, leg pulling. Festivals are extra special and time spent dancing and acting goofy is never forgotten. Attitude is expressed not only through speech, words and expressions, clothes and accessories also spell out the damn that you give to the world. Your own boundaries are limited only by your imagination. Many such movies about young romances used to air on Doordarshan ten years ago, some of which I remember are “School Bus” etc. earlier TV was targeted specially at the young adult crowd. Some of my favourites were short movies such as “Triyatri” and serials such as “Neev”, “Stone Boy”, “Blossom” and “Boy meets world”. That time seems to have been lost forever. College life seems stuck up, its caught in the throat somewhere. A difficult pill to swallow with the haunting inability to throw up. 8 Months from today, I shall not be a college going boopers n bonkers anymore, I shall be stuck in a 6×8 cubicle with my boss keeping a fine eye on me, plenty of modules to code. Pressures, bitching, coffee breaks, clipped breathing and deadlines. This is the moment I need to express my individuality. Max out life and try to ride on my dreams. This time shall never return and I would feel a void forever. Saw “Cinderella Man” on Friday at the Shipra Mall. Good movie, Russel Crowe was excellent as Jim Braddock.
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by moments that take our breath away”


~ by sleepwalker on October 3, 2005.

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  1. dizzy sir, I really feel that life is full of changes. When one phase ends the other starts and I know that this four year phase is best part of life. Still in second year but I know how it will feel when the college life ends. The friends we make in college life are forever. Its the phase we learn to live on our own without the loving shelters of our parents. Our college has also the same restrictions that you have and and the same cyberoam so I too can’t access your site. Its really nice to read your posts and I’ll be my website and blog as well asa forum very soon.

  2. Thats pretty true, life is full of changes and everybody has to adapt to them to survive. If a person doesnt evolve, he shall stagnate. Once in college, you know how it feels like to live on your own free will, to survive amongst back-stabbers and to cherish friends.
    The site is an exact copy of this site as both have the same backend. Tried to visit your place, but I get an “under construction” error.

  3. stone boy use to rock on small screen..

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