Death of expression?

A fanatico-religious organisation has issued a statement that it would be guarding Dandiya competitions across the country so that people of “other” religions dont enter the premises and also ensure that “Hindu” women do not wear backless sari’s for dandiya. Why does everybody has to act as a Moral Police? If such are the morals of our society then its better to live as an outcast. Religion and fashion dont mix, its the prerogative of an individual to wear whatever s/he desires, Nobody has the right to tell others about what to think and what to wear and what to speak, this is akin to the medieval church telling people about science and the universe and branding non-believers as heretics. Nobody has the right to encroach upon the individuality of others. Right from college-fests to valentines day celebrations- these self appointed guardians of morality and religion have shown that they are the ultimate goonda’s. Such organisations should be banned as they are no better than terrorists. Religion was made to promote peace and harmony, and to spread faith, but it has succeed in spreading terrorism more than faith. This ban against “other” religions participating in dandiya, has shown that religious sects are against the secularity of India, the government is also no better- the Oriya govt has enforced a strict dress code for college students, has the right to freedom of expression died ? The self exploration of the mind and expression has always led man forward, with some of the great thinkers of modern times such as Leonardo da Vinci having defied religion and trudged ahead. Religion is a guideline for people to follow for their own benefit, but it cannot be enforced as a law if it is against individuality of people. Religion is not a tool for oppression, but an appliance for upliftment. There is no religion that is against the progress of man, its just the self appointed brigade who makes sure that nothing constructive is ever achieved. The sanctity of the Hindu religion wont be spoiled if other sects also participate in dandiya, rather it would be a progressive step towards communal harmony. Cultures evolve and times change, everything evolves, nature evolves, dinosaurs died, man appeared. If evolution is forcefully prevented then the world shall stagnate and die. Evolution is imminent. Religion has to change with the times and evolve according to the changing needs of the human race. Religion should not be a hinderance towards progress. It should always embody faith which is relevant to the prevailing times. Outer appearances such as clothes and languages change and are an indication of expression and not of faith. A girl in cut-sleeved top and miniskirt does not have an inferior faith as compared to a girl in salwar-kameez. Organizations should be fanatical about the purification of souls and not the clothes which are worn on the body.

~ by sleepwalker on October 4, 2005.

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  1. Here is a blogpost by Gaurav Sabnis {}

    Hats off to you Gaurav. Freedom of expression is a very basic human right.

    I dont know the method to trackback to a blogger post, so I have copied it here.
    This is what Gaurav writes, quoting his post:

    – start quote –
    Take dress code and inter-mingling among sexes for instance. Today, a lot of women are more confident about their identity, and more assertive about their right to shape their own careers and chalk out their personal lives. When a moral dinosaur sees a woman wearing a tank top and a short skirt, walking confidently, instead of wearing something traditional and walking demurely, his/her concepts of what things were or should be are shattered. After all, the change is not only in the clothing. The change is in attitude. And this new attitude makes the dinosaur uncomfortable. This “new” woman is nothing like what his mother and sister were, nothing like what his wife was, and nothing like what he wants his daughter to be.
    But he can’t change the attitude, the way of thinking. So he seeks solace in something cosmetic that he can actually change. Ban those tank tops and skirts. Make the girl wear a salwaar kameez. Next day, when he sees the girl in a salwaar kameez, the dinosaur deludes himself thinking that suddenly, the girl has become the docile “bhaarateeya naari” that he so admires.
    – end quote –

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