An year in the blogosphere

365 days, 91 posts, 243 comments, countless visitors, many emails and a blogger connected to the world through an unreliable net connection. Blogosphere is defined as the virtual space in which all blogs exist in the cyberworld. My blog keeps me sane, I express all thoughts which are ordinarily suppressed in the the normal “real world”- my love for travel, of dark mysterious nights, of cold climes, of gazing stars and of letting out suppressed expression. ViperHosting provided me with space to host, provided a DNS domain name, WordPress provided me a platform and I keyed in my first post and year ago. Some months later, the cyberoam server in my college began to filter out all domains, so I started off with a second site with the moved in community and chained both blogs together through a common shared SQL database. The past year saw me traveling to Rishikesh and Vaishno Devi, remembering my previous college at shimla, discovering life at my current college at noida, me getting a job, experimenting with life and discovering its aspects. I had almost stopped blogging once, but then I felt suffocated with no means to express myself and continued again. It was an year of ups and downs and this blog being my diary has witnessed it all.

The nights are turning a bit pleasant and I eagerly await the onset of winter. The enthusiasm of the festive season has rubbed off on me and I feel happy when I return from college after dark. Today I am going back to Delhi from Noida, for a week long mid semester break. This means no internet connection. Back soon, tata.


~ by sleepwalker on October 12, 2005.

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