Death of expression, Part 2

Gaurav Sabnis, I support you.
Gaurav Sabnis voluntarily resigned from his job due to the circumstances created as a result of him supporting truth and freedom of expression. The entire blogging community has risen and stands united behind Gaurav.
Here is a brief rundown:
1. A quick summary from India uncut about the issue “A question of Principles”
2. A post at ‘Global Voices’- Harvard University, Cyber Law blog. “India Defending Freedom of Speech”
3. Desi Pundit’s Initiative and updates on the issue
4. Gaurav Sabnis’s weblog “Vantage Point”.
5. A post on tactics used to pressurise him

Veritable goonda-gardi has been used to obscure the truth, but Gaurav stood by his freedom and refused to retract his blog posts. Hats off to you Gaurav.

~ by sleepwalker on October 12, 2005.

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