Dark mysteries!

The winter puts some new enthusiasm into me. It not even cold yet, but I already feel good. The mausam has turned quite pleasant in the evenings and its fun walking around the tot-mall market place in noida, eating mother dairy’s sweet dahi, having a round of heavenly “gol-gappe/pani-puri”. Its fun to stay back in college during evenings, watching all couples walking around and watching the buildings lighted up in the dark. All this makes me feel glad. I just wanna throw up all papers at my desk into the air while the lectures are going on, like the “Jo jeeta wahi sikandar” scene. Now when it gets colder in a month and few days, the college blazers would be out and everybody would be sitting in the lawns during free time and soaking up all available warmth from the sun. I absolutely hate the summers, the sticky climate and pollution make me itchy all over. What I love is cold evenings in the mountains, the clean mountain air, a cup of ginger tea, paneer pakora’s and mint chutney… and the winter’s nippy chilly wind blowing all around and close friends near to chat. Add this to the zing of the night when the sun slowly fades away from the horizon and disappears behind a distant mountain, the farthest points of valleys start to dip into the darkness as the all light is absorbed and night falls very slowly. The night is extremely mysterious and pulls me towards itself. I love to sit up all night watching the stars while listening to slow music. I dont know what I search for in the stars, but it gives me peace. Kinda makes you wonder about the meaning of life and things beyond.
The second round of minor exams starts from Monday, and boy this time things are gonna get real tough. All this euphoria would melt away into tension. The good thing is that the Diwali break lasts for 3 days and then immediately after that is the college fest. This is going to be my last fest in college before I pass out in May 2006. Sometimes time travels so slow and the other times it just whooshes past and everything becomes archived onto a “yesterday”.


~ by sleepwalker on October 19, 2005.

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