And miles to go before I sleep….

I am mentally fatigued, my eyes are also tired. But I have lots to do. Lots of stuff to study. Exams start on Monday. Did study a lot of cryptography today- chinese remainder theorem, RSA, Discrete Log. Diffie Hellmam key technique, El-Gamal crypto system, MD-5 hashing, etc etc…. so that the digital world can be made a place secure from criminals. I have to work quite a bit at it, as I didnt get decent marks in the last minor exams. Considering that I may pass out from college in May 2006, and get a valid B.Tech Computer engineering degree, that makes it exactly 221 days for me to step out into the real world beyond college. I guess I would have to be more serious about my life, then.
I feel so sleepy, but I have to study tonite coz tomorrow I wont get the time, wud have to study other subjects too. Note to self: study, there is still time. DONT DOZE OFF!

As Robert Frost wrote…
…. But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep.

PS: saw a cheerleading squad, complete with pom-poms and short skirts, on the football field during the Punjab Police v/s Salgaocar match. First I thought that it must be a foreign country, but later realized that it was humara Bharat.
PPS: luv the new airtel advert “aasman simat jayega tumhare aghosh mein, apni baahien phaila kar toh dekho”

~ by sleepwalker on October 22, 2005.

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  1. Nice quote…

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