Black alphabet equivalent to buffalo

Exams are over today and Diwali holidays start…. Dilli Chalo! Had two exams a day, total six exams in all, got over in three days. Surprisingly, my past experience shows that I am not all that satisfied even after exams end, even though I spend all my study time wishing for these damned things to fly past. I keep waiting and waiting and finally when the last exam is over, I dont feel anything special. Got a newsletter from my employer, in which some “smart” southie wrote an article about the 12 hour workdays and how he loves them….. Now ‘m really scared. The sun God is very kind today, showering us all in hot and bright sunshine…. which makes me irritable and sticky all over. I sometimes wonder why sweat doesnt dry in the sun while clothes can…..

Got this sms yesterday:
Samundar bhar syllabus hai
nadiya bhar padh pate hain
balti bhar yaad rehta hai
mugge bhar likh pate hain
chullu bhar number aate hain
aur isi mein doob jate hain !

In case you are wondering what the title of this post is supposed to mean, its the way I feel while studying- as they say in Hindi kaala akshar bhains barabar……


~ by sleepwalker on October 26, 2005.

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