An ode to Engineers !

Today is Vishwakarma Diwas, a day that celebrates all engineers. The most famous of engineers were Vishwakarma and Brahma. Vishwakarma was the engineer who designed Indra Lok, Swarg Lok and the earth. Brahma made the entire srishti, all life, universe and things beyond. But you dont need a B.Tech degree to be called an engineer. Novelists, dance gururs, singers, martial artists are all engineers in their own right. There is a wall that separates our inner self from our outer self, those who can break this wall are engineers and any activity that connects us to our inner self is an engineering discipline- be it salsa, white water rafting, coding, architecture, singing…. any passion that gives satisfaction.
passing thought: shayad main life ke kuch zyada funde mar raha hoon, ‘m not even that grown up yet… Cheers to all engineers!

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~ by sleepwalker on November 2, 2005.

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